It started with a 2 hour wait…

Automotive Engineer Kal Gohill was stuck at a tire shop for 2 hours waiting for tires to be put on his car,
but his car was just sitting there idle – no one was helping!

Meanwhile, Kal’s phone was blowing up with texts from co-workers asking for help and they were wondering where he was. Kal was held hostage by the tire shop and couldn’t do anything about it, and he was letting his team down by being absent from work!

Being super curious, Kal started to pace around the tire shop to see what the issue was, and how the personnel went about their business. Auditing the process, he drew in his engineering journal the equipment, tools, and personnel needed, and finally got his car back after 2 hours, 2 missed meetings, and countless frantic text messages later

The Ah-hah Moments

Back at the office the next day, Kal and his coworkers were discussing the Formula 1 race they just watched the weekend before, and he thought:

“Wouldn’t it be great if I had my own pit crew that could change out my tires without the tire shop hassle”

That same day he also saw a Mobile Windshield Replacement van in his neighborhood, replacing a resident’s windshield conveniently in their driveway!
All signs were pointing to it!

Kal’s 9 years of engineering experience specializing in automotive powertrain, vehicle dynamics, and F1 technology led to an unavoidable conclusion. Engineer a mobile tire shop with everything needed to bring a mobile tire shop to the masses and save them from the tire shop hassle!

After many hours researching, designing, and redesiging, Kal created an entire 3D model of the mobile tire shop van with all the equipment needed, built it, created a website, and the rest is history!

Ready to get this mobile party started?

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