• Aquaplaning And How To Avoid it

    Aquaplaning And How To Avoid it

    WHAT IS AQUAPLANING? Simply put, aquaplaning (also known as hydroplaning) is when your tires become water skis!! Technically, when enough water is between the road and your tires, the tire rubber is no longer in contact with the road and momentarily floats on top of a skin of water If you’ve ever accidentally driven over

  • 3 Things To Know About Tire Puncture Repair
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    3 Things To Know About Tire Puncture Repair

    So you've got a tire puncture. Bummer. We feel your pain. Well, here's what you need to know to get up to speed on the basics of tire puncture repair. IS YOUR TIRE REPAIRABLE? To ensure your safety, the T.I.A. (Tire Industry Association) sets forth guidelines on whether any road going passenger tire can be repaired

  • Tire DOT Number Decoded
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    Tire DOT Number Decoded

    Ever wondered how old your tires are? Looking to buy a used tire? Keep scrolling and you'll find out what reading the tire DOT number can tell you. * By the way, D.O.T. stands for Department of Transportation. Here's an example of a tire DOT number: 1) PLANT AND SIZE CODE: The first 4 characters

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