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We know how frustrating it is to get a tire puncture – and even more frustrating to lose half a day and hundreds of dollars with tow trucks and traditional brick & mortar tire shops. Save your time, and your sanity! Now you can have a puncture repaired wherever you are, for $69.95! – with getTREAD

Save money with mobile flat tire repair. Our mobile tire shop comes to you anywhere in Central Florida!


First, we inspect the tire to determine whether it is repairable. Once confirmed, only the highest quality supplies and materials are used for repairs.  Unlike other tire shops that might use a cheap patch kit or temporary plug, at getTREAD we follow strict safety guidelines and only use COMBINATION PLUG/PATCH kits so we can guarantee our repairs for the serviceable life of the tire.  Get on your way, get peace of mind – with getTREAD.

Check out our safety guaranteed puncture repair methods on our blog post: 3 Things To Know About Puncture Repair


Puncture Repair $69.95 (covered under TotalTreadLifeCare if you bought your tire from getTREAD)
Central Florida's mobile flat tire repair service


Our mobile puncture repair service can fix your flat tire if the damage is in the green area

To ensure your safety, the T.I.A. (Tire Industry Association) sets forth guidelines on whether any road going passenger tire can be repaired or not. Here’s the breakdown:

  • max puncture diameter of 1/4″
  • tire tread depth must not be less than 2/32″ (roughly 2mm)
  • puncture must not be near tire sidewall
  • the tire must not be driven flat for long distance (this causes damage to the structure of the tire)
  • no other damage (weather cracking, tears, exposed steel belt)
  • If your tire is a run-flat tire – some manufacturers do not recommend repair
getTREAD mobile puncture repair - non repairable tire


In order to guarantee your safety and peace of mind, we don’t recommend using DIY puncture repair kits such as the inflation goo, puncture string stick (looks like beef jerky), or any other temporary solutions.  Over time these methods have been shown to create wheel imbalance issues, and leak air causing low pressure conditions that could lead to a tire blowout. Blowouts are not fun, and can lead to serious injury or death – so we’d recommend avoiding these temporary repair methods if at all possible and doing it right the first time.


Professional puncture repair methods, done at your location - serving Central Florida
  • Inspect the outside of the tire and remove the penetrating object (marking the spot)”
  • Deflate the tire and remove from the wheel
  • Clean the inner tire area around the puncture area to be repaired
  • Scrape away contaminants
  • Drill the injury channel to clean out steel cords
  • Buff the surface to prep
  • Fill the Injury channel with a Combination Patch/Plug kit while using special tire sealant/rubber cement
  • Trim the Combination Patch Plug stem from the outside tread of the tire


Here at getTREAD, we value your time, and your safety. That’s why we do things right, the first time, and according to T.I.A. safety protocols.

If you’re having a bad day with a flat tire, click the appointment button below – and we’ll get you back on the road in no time!



getTREAD uses out-of-the-box thinking to provide mobile tire service that fits YOUR lifestyle. At work, at home, even at soccer practice!

We make it easy for you! Order top brand tires, schedule a time & place for service, and we come to you – so you can Take Back YOUR Time


  • Should I consider DIY tire repair kits?

    DIY repair kits have shown inconsistent results across different brands. Some look like sticks of beef jerky that are plugged into the puncture, and other methods consist of a thick gooey liquid which is injected through the valve stem. Results with these methods are inconsistent across different brands and may lead to slow leaks, wheel/tire imbalance, decrease in ride comfort, or even sudden loss of air pressure. NOT RECOMMENDED!

  • Is my tire repairable?

    We follow strict industry guidelines to ensure your safety. This means we look at criteria such as puncture hole size, puncture angle, as well as where on the tread the puncture has occurred. If the puncture is on the shoulder or sidewall of the tire, unfortunately it is not safe to repair.

    For more info, download The 3 Things You Need to Know About Tire Repairs.

  • How far can I drive on a flat tire?

    In short, you shouldn’t drive on a flat tire, because it can cost you more than you think – (but of course, there are exceptions)

    If your tire goes flat but you are in a dangerous area or situation, you can drive below 5 mph to a safer location within 100 yards.

    Keep in mind, driving on a flat tire causes rapid wear and potentially un-repairable damage to the tire, potential damage to the wheel, and worst of all – potential loss of control of your vehicle.

    Play if safe, we can help.

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