Get the most tread-life out of your tires.

Let us handle your vehicle’s tire balance and rotation service every 6,000-8,000 miles. Depending on whether your tires are all the same size or not, and whether your vehicle is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, the balance and rotation procedure can vary.

No need to get confused! You’ve come to the right place! Our should we say, WE’LL COME TO YOUR PLACE – at home, at the office, even soccer practice.  We carry all the necessary fancy equipment to perform a tire balance and rotation for just about any vehicle, that’ll give you improved tread life, better ride comfort, and peace of mind.

Still have doubts? Check out our TotalTreadLifeCare policy to see how we keep you protected.
Check out our blog article ‘Why Should I Balance and Rotate My Tires‘ for an informative crash course to understand why tires & wheels need Balance/Rotations.

getTREAD. Mobile Tire Service that fits YOUR lifestyle.


Standard Balance/Rotate (2 Front Tires + 2 Rear Tires) $64.99 (FREE when you buy new tires from getTREAD)
Dually Truck (2 Front Tires + 4 Rear Tires) $99.99 (or $19.99 when you buy new tires from getTREAD)
Central Florida's mobile tire rotation service


getTREAD uses out-of-the-box thinking to provide mobile tire service that fits YOUR lifestyle. At work, at home, even at soccer practice!

We make it easy for you! Order top brand tires, schedule a time & place for service, and we come to you – so you can Take Back YOUR Time


  • Wheel balance weights are ugly, can you hide them behind the wheel spokes?

    Yup, we sure can! We know you take pride in your ride, so we use advanced balancing equipment to calculate the correct balance weight to hide behind your wheel spokes and out of sight, so they don’t spoil the clean look of your wheels.

  • Can balance/rotation fix a vibration?

    There are a variety of factors that could contribute to a vibration while driving. Wheel alignment, suspension wear, and of course wheel/tire balance/rotation are just a few. To get a more accurate assessment of the situation, contact us for a *FREE consultation and we’ll help you get back to that good-as-new feeling.

    *Consultation fee is waived when you purchase tires or service from getTREAD

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