Quick Way To Check Your Tread Depth


Here’s a quick pictorial on how to check your tread depth to make sure you’re safe on the road – especially during wet weather conditions where tread depth become significantly important. Avoid aquaplaning (sliding/skidding on the surface of water). Follow the quick procedure below.

getTREAD how to check your tread depthCLOSING REMARKS

BOOM. That was it. Just a quick one – super simple.

As you can see by the figure, just insert a penny into three different areas of each tire (inner groove, middle, and outer groove). Then compare what you see with the picture to determine if you’re OK, in the yellow (need tires soon), or in the red (NEED TIRES NOW).  You’ll want to take the lowest tread depth reading of each tire to make your decision.

Remember that when your tread depth decreases, your wet weather stopping distance is significantly affected! Several car lengths of extra braking distance could be the difference between a near miss, and a collision! Play it safe, check your tread regularly (once every couple months with average driving) and avoid an accident.

If you find your tread is low and need new tires, hop on over to our Tire Replacement page and we’ll help you shop for tires and get back to being safe with quality name brand tires, backed by our getTREAD TotalTreadLifeCare protection policy.

4 thoughts on “Quick Way To Check Your Tread Depth

  1. Arthur DeMarco says:

    I didn’t know that tire tread depth affected your stopping distance. It’s a little wet where we are too so the last thing I want is to not be able to stop when I hit my brake. My wife and I just moved into a more rural area, and growing up in a densely populated metro area both of us just always used public transport or walked to where we needed to go. We’re driving for the first time, so thanks for the heads up, we’ll be sure to check our tread depth today.

    1. Kal Gohill says:

      Good idea! Tread depth is super important in wet weather. The feeling of hydroplaning is not fun when you’re surging towards another car! It’s so simple with a penny, just once a month will give you peace of mind 🙂

  2. Braden Bills says:

    I want to check to see if I need to have my tires replaced. It’s nice that you can check tread depth with just a penny! I’ll try that trick to see if mine are low enough.

  3. Braden Bills says:

    I decided to try this out and check my treat depth. It seems like my tires are pretty worn out! Maybe it would be a good idea for me to get a professional install new tires on my car for me.

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